10 Best Places to Live in Lagos

10 Best Places to Live in Lagos

Ever dreamt of owning a home in Lagos? 

Or are you looking for the best places to live in this big Lagos? Well, I’ve got you!

I’ve been there and let me tell you, whether you’re looking to buy or rent, the journey isn’t always straightforward.

The biggest hurdles? Oh, they’re exactly what you might expect—high upfront costs and the often-daunting world of mortgages can be real game changers.

But don’t worry. I’ve walked this road, and I’ll tell you the 10 best places to live in Lagos.

Oya, follow who know road. LOL!

10 Best Places to Live in Lagos 

1. Ibeju Lekki 

Ibeju Lekki is an up-and-coming area in Lagos known for its promising investment potential and affordable luxury. 

It’s strategically located near the Lekki Free Trade Zone, making it attractive for business and residential purposes. 

The area offers modern amenities, a serene environment, and developments like the DUO 2-bedroom Marula Park home by Mixta Africa

If you’re considering moving here, the DUO 2-bedroom Marula Park home in Lagos New Town, just off the Lekki Epe Expressway, could be your dream spot. 

These homes are designed with elegance and practicality in mind, situated in a vibrant community that’s perfect for both young professionals and families.

Here’s the exciting part: The DUO by Mixta Africa rent-to-own scheme lets you move into your new home right away—as a renter first, with a clear plan to become the owner.

With every rent payment you make in the DUO scheme, you’re not just paying for a roof over your head—you’re building equity in your home. 

A portion of your rent goes towards the future purchase of the house. It’s like saving, but better, because you’re living in your investment while you do it!

Interested? Well, waste no time in filling out this interest form.

2-bedroom Marula Park apartment
A view of the 2-bedroom Marula Park apartment
2-bedroom Marula Park apartment
A view of the Marula Park Apartment

2. Victoria Island

This is the commercial heartbeat of Lagos, bustling with activities that cater to both business and leisure. 

With landmarks like the Eko Hotel and Suites and a lot of luxury shops and fine dining, Victoria Island is not just a place to live; it’s a place to be alive. 

The vibrant nightlife and stunning ocean views add to its allure. This makes it a top choice for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

3. Gbagada

Strategically positioned with easy access to both the island and other parts of the mainland, Gbagada offers a mix of residential and commercial properties.

It’s popular among middle-class families due to its relative affordability, decent road network, and proximity to major business districts. The area provides a balanced urban lifestyle without the intensity of city-center living.

4. Ikoyi

Known for its serene tree-lined streets and luxurious homes, Ikoyi is the epitome of opulence. It houses some of Lagos’ best restaurants and offers colonial-era homes alongside contemporary luxury apartments. 

It’s a secure, prestigious neighborhood that boasts excellent schools and cultural attractions such as the Nike Art Gallery, making it ideal for families looking for a high-end lifestyle.

5. Eko Atlantic

As a futuristic city still in the stages of development, Eko Atlantic offers state-of-the-art amenities and infrastructures, such as international schools, healthcare facilities, and the largest shopping mall in sub-Saharan Africa. 

This makes it an exciting prospect for anyone looking to invest in what is set to be one of the most modern and ecologically sound urban developments in Africa.

6. Festac Town

Historically recognized for hosting the Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture in 1977, Festac Town is a well-planned residential area with a rich cultural heritage.

It offers a peaceful environment with good amenities, making it a good choice for families looking for a calm but connected place to live.


Remember earlier, I mentioned that finding a place in Lagos comes with its fair share of challenges like the exorbitant prices; well, don’t worry, innovative solutions like the DUO rent-to-own scheme are there to address these challenges.

This scheme makes owning a home in Lagos a more achievable dream!

DUO eliminates the need for a large down payment, a major hurdle for many aspiring homeowners. Instead, you can gradually build equity towards ownership through your rent.

You get a clear 3-year timeline for transitioning from renting to owning your property. This provides peace of mind and a clear vision for the future.

7. Banana Island

As the crown jewel of Lagos’ residential areas, Banana Island is synonymous with ultra-luxury. 

This man-made island features opulent estates, with residents enjoying high levels of privacy and security. 

It’s common to see properties with helipads and infinity pools here, making it a sanctuary for celebrities and high-net-worth individuals looking for tranquility and exclusive living.

8. Ikeja

Serving as the capital of Lagos State, Ikeja is a hub of activity with great transport links and a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

It’s home to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport and a variety of entertainment and shopping venues, including the famous Computer Village. 

It’s a favored spot for business professionals and families alike who seek a lively urban environment that’s still suitable for raising a family.

9. Surulere

This centrally located area is known for its accessibility and vibrant community. Surulere offers a blend of residential and commercial spaces and is famed for its sports facilities, including the National Stadium and Teslim Balogun Stadium.

Surulere has great road connectivity, making it easy to reach other parts of Lagos. It is ideal for those who value a community with both traditional charm and modern amenities.

10. Yaba

Known as the Silicon Valley of Nigeria, Yaba is a bustling area favored by tech professionals and students. 

It houses many educational institutions, including the University of Lagos, and tech startups, providing a youthful and innovative atmosphere.

Affordable housing and vibrant community life make it an attractive place for young professionals and families starting out.


Ready to explore homeownership in Lagos with a smarter approach? Get started with the DUO  rent-to-own scheme and achieve your dream of being a homeowner. 

You’re welcome!

Author’s Note: Hi, I’m Joy – a seasoned finance professional based in Lekki, Lagos. I balance

a fulfilling career with successful real estate investments in Nigeria. Join me as I share insights

on navigating the world of real estate investments in Nigeria. Let’s find your dream home and

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