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Property Investment in Nigeria – 5 Ways To Invest in Property

The Nigerian property market is exploding, offering juicy opportunities for investors like you.

Not only can you watch your investment grow over time, but owning property can also bring in a steady stream of rental income.

Investing in property in Nigeria is also great because it can meet different needs.

You might want to buy land, get money regularly, or keep assets for the future. 

The good thing is, no matter what you want to achieve, there’s a spot for you in the Nigerian property market.

So, buckle up, because we’re about to explore why you should jump on this exciting property train!

The Nigerian Property Market

In Nigeria, the property market offers a variety of options for investors and homebuyers, including residential, commercial, and land investments.

Here are the different property investment options in Nigeria:

  • Residential properties include houses, apartments, and townhouses where people live. These can range from single-family homes to large apartment complexes.
  • Commercial properties are spaces used for business activities, such as offices, shops, malls, and factories. These properties are often leased to businesses and provide a high return on investment through rental income.
  • Land represents undeveloped plots without any buildings. Investors buy land with the expectation that its value will increase as the area develops and becomes more desirable.

The value of property in Nigeria is influenced by several factors:

  • Location: Properties in desirable locations, such as city centers or near the coast, tend to have higher values due to demand.
  • Amenities: The availability of facilities like schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and recreational areas can increase the attractiveness and value of a property.
  • Infrastructure: Good road networks, electricity supply, water availability, and other infrastructure developments can significantly impact property values.

Trying to invest in properties without considering the legal aspect of things, is like digging a hole for yourself to fall into. 

Legal aspects are crucial in property investment to ensure secure and legitimate transactions.

Here are some legal considerations while trying to invest in property in Nigeria:

  • Title Deeds: Having a clear title deed is essential to prove ownership of the property. This document is vital for legal transactions and securing loans.
  • Land Registration: Registering the land with the appropriate government authorities is necessary to formalize ownership and avoid disputes. This process involves verifying the land’s status, ensuring it’s free from encumbrances, and obtaining the necessary approvals and documentation.

5 Ways to Invest in Property in Nigeria

1. Rent-to-Own Schemes

Rent-to-own is a cool way to buy property in Nigeria, and it’s getting more popular, especially in major cities like Lagos, where property prices can be high, rent-to-own offers a strategic entry point for aspiring homeowners.

In this plan, you start by renting a house, but you can choose to buy it later. Often, part of the rent you pay will count toward the house’s purchase price. 

This method makes it easier for people to start owning a home without needing a lot of money right away.

It’s good for home buyers and investors because they can slowly pay for the home and don’t need to get a big loan right away.

You might worry about the risks and how to officially get the property, but if managed well, these plans can be really rewarding. 

Here’s a tip to get started as an investor – The DUO by Mixta Africa rent-to-own scheme lets you graduate from renting to owning while building equity with a portion of your rent.

Imagine owning a piece of prime Lagos real estate that appreciates significantly by the time you complete the program!

DUO’s rent-to-own scheme eliminates the need for a large upfront investment. 

While renting the property during a 3-year term, you’re building equity through your rent payments.

This sets you up to leverage your property as a springboard for even bigger real estate investments down the line.

2. Buying Undeveloped Land

Investing in land in areas that are expected to grow can be a smart move. As the area develops, the land’s value can go up a lot.

This is best for those who are willing to wait and watch their investment grow over time.

3. Investing in Residential Properties

Buying homes or apartments to rent out is a common way to invest. It gives you regular money from rent and the property’s value may go up.

This option is good for those who want a steady income and to increase their money over time.

4. Commercial Real Estate Investment

Putting money into commercial spaces, like offices, stores, or factories, can bring in more money than residential properties.

They often have long-term rent contracts. This choice is good for serious investors looking for good earnings.

5. Real Estate Development

If you like being directly involved, developing real estate could be exciting. You buy land, build or improve buildings, and then sell or rent them.

It takes more work and risk but can make a lot of money, especially in popular areas.


Nigeria has many different ways to invest in property, each good for different kinds of investors. 

The options I’ve mentioned match different goals, risks, and money situations, making sure there’s a choice for you in Nigeria’s exciting property market.

For beginners or those wanting an easy start with property investment, I suggest leveraging the DUO’s rent-to-own scheme, where you lock into a property at today’s price, poised to benefit you as future value increases. 

Start investing in property now and reach your financial dreams in Nigeria’s real estate world.

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