Why You Should Invest in Off Plan Properties

Off Plan Property: Benefits of Investing in Off Plan Properties

Have you ever wondered if there is really any point in investing in or purchasing a property that is not completed yet?

Yes, your worry is valid.

Some concerns might arise as to whether it is safe to invest in a project that has a risk of not even getting completed.

If you are considering high-yield investment in Nigeria you should consider buying an off-plan property.

Here are four reasons why:

1. You Buy at a Lower Price:

When you invest in an off-plan property, it allows you to purchase at a lower cost. By the time the project has been completed, you own a property with a higher value compared to what you paid for during its early stages of construction.

2. Flexible Payment Options:

The fact that you get an opportunity to make a small upfront commitment to own a property with the benefit of paying later makes a world of difference.

It is also a great option as it gives ample time to save and make payments.

3. Great Resale Value:

One thing Property buyers love about any property is that it is absolutely brand new and has never been lived in. If you choose to resell or rent it out, it’s in high demand too.

4. No Extra Maintenance Fees:

Another fantastic perk of investing in an off-plan property is that you may not need to spend any extra costs on maintenance because the property will be completely brand new.

Ideally, modern and quality materials will be used in construction which will translate to reduced costs of maintenance compared to if you were buying an older property.

As a Duo investor, our off-plan 2-bedroom apartment at Marula Park allows you to own a high-yield investment property with an upfront deposit that is relatively low.

We are here to guide you on your journey into off-plan investing!


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